About AIUS

The System

Built on the foundations of our three distinguished universities: American InterContinental University, Trident University International, and California Southern University, AIUS strives to reshape the future of higher education.

Through a fusion of diverse program offerings, experienced faculty, and online communities, each member institution has cultivated environments that equip its students with the knowledge and skills to pursue their chosen fields.

Vision & Values

Grow as a respected global leader in higher education

The American InterContinental University System’s vision is to grow as a respected global leader in higher education, inclusively serving a diverse student body with expert faculty and a wide range of innovative, flexible programs.

In order to achieve its vision, the AIU System’s student-centered community will work to challenge and nurture learners to ensure they receive a quality educational experience resulting in excellent academic and personal outcomes. The System values the following in support of its mission, purposes, and vision:

  • Student Learning &
    Effective Teaching

    AIUS values student learning and the application of learning, believing that mastery of knowledge and skills serves to empower students for success in their chosen career field.

  • Innovation

    AIUS values the continuous improvement and development of educational programs and services to meet the needs of its students.

  • Service

    AIUS values all of its constituents—students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community—and is committed to supporting them in their pursuit of personal and professional success.

  • Inclusion and Opportunity

    AIUS values opportunity for all students, believing that accessibility to higher education is a right for all those who have the desire, interest, and motivation to succeed in their chosen career fields.

  • Diversity

    AIUS values diversity in all its forms, believing that the System is strengthened by the richness of its various constituencies.

  • Integrity

    AIUS values a culture of honesty and is committed to operating in a legally, morally, and ethically correct manner.