Our Mission

To empower a diverse student body for academic, personal, and professional success, through a commitment to inclusive, student-centered support and lifelong learning.

About the System

The American InterContinental University System (AIUS) is composed of American InterContinental University (AIU), California Southern University (CalSouthern), and Trident University International (Trident). The AIU System was established in November 2020 to provide an effective framework for AIU and Trident to continue to serve their differing student populations distinctly. CalSouthern joined the AIU System in July 2022. Additionally, DigitalCrafts, offering coding bootcamps, is also a part of the System.

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* Active and probation population
** Adjunct and full-time


AIUS has a special commitment to promoting educational opportunity, is committed to high-quality teaching and learning, and all of its activities are geared towards student success. To this end, the System places emphasis on the academic, professional, and personal growth of each student, and pursues this aim with a commitment to institutional integrity and ethics. Programs, policies, and institutional initiatives validate AIUS’s achievement of Institutional Learning Outcomes and support the System’s Mission, Vision, and Values. These foundational statements are evaluated periodically and modified, as appropriate, to meet the needs of the student body at each institution in the System.

As an institution committed to quality and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the American InterContinental University System views integrity as an underlying tenet of its Mission. The AIUS philosophy is that higher education must encompass a holistic approach to educational content and delivery; view the student as central to the learning process; and remove barriers related to time, space, and location that sometimes can encumber a student’s learning.

Statement of Integrity and Commitment

As a System committed to quality and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, AIUS views integrity as an underlying tenet to its Mission and Purposes. The System uses the integrity tenet as a foundation for all its operations, services, and programs. Its mission is to advance the intellectual condition of learners in a diverse society through quality academic programs, services, and other learning opportunities. The System is to provide students with a learning environment anchored by the highest caliber of instruction built on a solid intellectual and ethical foundation.

Integrity serves as an integral foundation to System governance at the level of the Board of Trustees and in all System operations, institutional representations, advertising, marketing, and services. Honesty and integrity are essential to these functions and serve as the basic contract defining the relationship between the System, its member institutions, and its constituencies. The System will not tolerate any intentional withholding of information, deliberately providing inadequate information or failure to provide timely and accurate information. It is the fundamental responsibility of the System to deal forthrightly with its constituencies, including its faculty, staff, and students.

Supporting Military Personnel

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AIUS recognizes the sacrifices that service members make. This is why we focus on the unique needs of active duty, Reserve, and National Guard students - as well as veterans, military spouses, and families. We are proud to share that AIUS ranked among Military Times Best for Vets: Colleges 2022 rankings. The rankings factor in the results of Military Times’ annual survey, a comprehensive school-by-school assessment of veteran and military student services and rates of academic achievement. This recognition is deeply appreciated by the System and one that we’re proud to share with our students.